HOAs and the Legal Robbery of American Homes

Facts and dangers about HOAs that Real Estate Brokers don't tell you.

Prospective homeowners apart of a HOA generally focus on evaluating the amount of yearly fees and the quality of upkeep. Questions pertaining to HOA fees and upkeep are indeed of value yet pale in comparison to the hidden dangers of joining an association. HOA's today are a multi-billion dollar business vs a figurehead of a community working together to protect mutual interests.

HOA covenants hold the power of a contract with homeowners even if no official contract was signed. Homeowners become legally bound to the HOA contract without ever being informed of the serious hidden implications.

The dangers? Covenants often contains a provision stating that a HOA lien is subordinate to a first mortgage. A homeowner can find out far too late that HOA can and will foreclose on their home over minor issues or missed association payment.

Our personal team of injury trial lawyers collaborated to create this infographic in order to raise public awareness of the power HOA have over uninformed homeowners. Knowledge of the potential abuse of power enables homeowners to proactively defend and fight for their rights.

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